5 Doctors Dead Or Missing After Discovering THIS About Vaccines!

Nowadays, it is a well-known fact that when it comes to our health, there are numerous medical advancements and improved techniques which can offer us help. But, regardless of this, in some way we do not tend to take advantage of the ability that these methods can provide.

Maybe the truth is that these meds do not actually work even though we are forced to believe in their effects. Not long ago, there was a discovery about a relation between cancer and vaccines. This indicates the meaning of “worse”.



Throughout the past year, six doctors specializing in holistic medicine, who began an examination in order to find the truth about the effects of vaccines, were never found again. One month was the time of the time frame between the disappearance / death of each person. Everything began on June 19th, 2015. Firstly, Dr. Bradstreet was found with a deadly wound on his chest from a gunshot. The investigation claimed that it is a question of suicide. But, according to the family, the doctor was not likely to commit a suicide. After two days, the bodies of Dr. Holt and Dr. Hedendal, doctors from Florida, were found not showing any sign of life. As in the first case, the circumstances here were also doubtful, and their families still do not get the complete and finishing conclusion of the investigation. The same day, Dr. Whiteside who went out for a walk, was gone missing.


In the end, on July 3rd, Dr. Fitzpatrick was the last person who “mysteriously” disappeared. Even though the location of his truck was found, yet there were no signs discovered. The terrible medical findings of all these doctors, was the thing that they all have in common. They discover that vaccines contain a specific enzyme known as nagalese which has the ability to cause cancer. This enzyme represents a natural byproduct of cancer cells. Also, it is able to absorb the most important vitamin in the body which can fight cancer as well as other diseases. Vitamin D!

And just before all these doctors were ready to reveal the horrible truth about the relation of vaccines and cancer, they all have mysteriously disappeared!

But, Dr. Ted Broer was the one doctor who announces this discovery. Dr. Ted along with his team faced some “difficulties” with announcing this discovery, but after they succeeded, he declared that he in no way is suicidal.

The doctor was feeling terrible about the fate of those five doctors, who in order to bring this discovery into public, finished death or gone missing.

Watch the video of the doctor’s broadcast.




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