German MP: US is a threat to European peace, not Russia

A German MP has blasted the United States as the most dangerous country in the world, certainly the biggest danger to European peace.

One of the great politicians Mr George Kennan described NATO’s perpetual encircling of Russia as a fatal mistake, and he said this in the late 1990’s. NATO has continued to expand since then. Surrounding Russia with NATO troops will not bring peace, rather, just the opposite” says Wagenknecht, adding Merkel’s support to this policy has been utterly irresponsible. “The Americans are placing nukes in Germany, supposedly to counter Putin’s aggression in the Baltics. Do the Americans seriously expect us to believe in such stupidity?” asked Mrs. Wagenknecht to an applause from other MPs.
When few of Merkel’s MPs asked Mrs. Wagenknecht why is Russia moving its borders and conducting military maneuvers, the German MP responded – Isn’t this what NATO does?

NATO’s large members (US, UK, France) love to speak of Article 5, yet they are ignoring Article 1 which very clearly states NATO is not an offensive alliance and should not engage anyone militarily. It’s quite clear, the US is breaking Article 1 and international law daily with its countless wars of aggression. It’s become quite clear the entire middle east fiasco is observed only from one angle, as the alliance sees fit – says Wagenknecht.

There is a great deal of disturbance among the German public as the US continues to pile on soldiers and weapons not just in Germany, but across the European continent.Germans are fed up with both Angela Merkel (CIA agent) and the US. While the Russians left Germany over 30 years ago being told the Americans would do the same, the United States never did. Germany continues  to be occupied by over 75,000 US soldiers spread out in dozens of bases around the country.

The German MP has also warned that Washington is turning the European continent into their own playground from which they will launch attacks on Russia. Wagenknecht’s entire speech is below:

Says MP Sahra Wagenkhneht in a speech in German Parliament which was frequently interrupted by applause. You’re not going to see this on CNN. “Today, on the exact anniversay of the 75th year of the German attack on the Soviet Union, very close to the Russian borders we’re seeing military exercises, allegedly defensive, in which German soldiers take part”.






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