The cause and cure of obesity

Obesity is the greatest misfortune for a human. The obese person must be ill and the brain function of such individual must be pathological. Against all beliefs, obesity itself is not the cause of any disease. However, obesity and many diseases have a common cause. It is also not true that one gets obese because one eats too much. Every person eats as much as is needed. The fact that the obese person eats more than do others has a higher cause. The underlying cause is a certain proportion between protein, fat and carbohydrate in one’s diet.
The obesity of the “poor” – typically affects poorer strata of our society. It is caused mainly by too-little protein in the diet in relation to the amount of carbohydrate.
In order to burn sugar (carbohydrate) the body needs a lot of protein and a lot of certain vitamins and minerals. These elements are absent in sugar, honey, potato/maize flower or Coca-Cola. These products have no protein at all, and without proteins sugar cannot be catabolised. Practically all fat stored in the body of an obese person comes from carbohydrate.
The human body defends itself against the sugar (carbohydrate) in a variety of ways. It converts sugars to fat, which it then stores. That fat cannot be catabolised because the body is not used to doing so. Carbohydrate is converted to cholesterol since that is the way to obtain oxygen which is lacking, especially in poorly perfused tissues or tissues which receive the worst energy and oxygen supply.

The healthy wall of the aorta or the wall of the coronary artery contains no magnesium at all. And that means, with absolute surety, that no carbohydrate is converted to fat or cholesterol in these walls. The cholesterol concentration in the cells of the healthy human artery is zero (0). And that is how it should be.
It is not true that the cholesterol from ingested food, or the one already contained in the blood, is accumulated in the walls of the arteries. And that has been conclusively proven by experiments, in which cholesterol (marked with radioactive carbon) given by a variety of routes was never found in the cells of the arteries in humans. But it was shown, however, that a marked glucose, given alone or even better with insulin, could be found in the arterial walls after only one hour following its administration. But it was not glucose any more, because the marker (radioactive carbon) was found in the molecules of the cholesterol (!).
There are many approaches to weight loss, new ones are invented all the time but the number of obese people continually increases. What then is the opinion of science regarding the effectiveness of these methods?
Every dramatic reduction of food quantity markedly accelerates ageing, particularly of blood vessels.

In the obese people treated with a diet containing 1200-1500 kcal and forced to exercise, the cloudiness of serum (hyperlipidaemia) increased even further.
Low-calorie diets are ineffective in the permanent treatment of obesity.
Low-fat diets cause an increase in lipid production, depression and overall exhaustion.
The treatment of obesity with fasting is totally ineffective. The final result always failure.
Fasting causes apathy, the lowering of the perception of morality, the lowering of mental abilities, asocial and egoistical behaviour. The dropping of the fast produces an improvement in mental numbness.
Based on experiments with isotopes, it was shown that fasting, diuretic drugs or products derived from the thyroid gland cause loss of water and lean body mass with minimal, if at all, loss of fat.
Scientific investigations proved that a fat-rich diet cannot cause obesity, heart and vasculature diseases, but causes low blood pressure, low blood cholesterol, zero incidence of atheroselerosis and obesity, very high physical efficiency which reduces minimally with the progression of age. The possibility of developing diabetes or a disease of the joints is eliminated
Optimal nutrition should always be implemented immediately, without any adjustment period. Depending on the degree of obesity, and the type of coexisting diseases caused by a common cause, the proportion between protein and fat has to be initially readjusted to 1 gram of protein to 2-3 grams of fat, and 0.5 g of carbohydrate. Calories should not be counted at any time, with one exception – they should be counted when buying food.
One should have no fears that during a rapid reduction of body weight using the optimal diet the skin will become old and wrinkled or floppy on the abdomen. To the contrary. The skin typically becomes smooth and contracts “as required”. In January 1996 during a get together with the past patients from Arkadia I (Dr J. Kwasniewski) spoke to the man whose weight in 1987 was 155 kg and who then was gravely ill. At that meeting he weighed in at 75 kg, was slim, healthy, physically and mentally very active, had a fantastic skin and continued to work, all that being … 80 years old.


Source: Homo Diet

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