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<p>“It’s ridiculous to talk about freedom in a society dominated by huge corporations. What kind of freedom is there inside a corporation? They’re totalitarian institutions – you take orders from above and maybe give them to people below you. There’s about as much freedom as under Stalinism.”<br /> ― Noam Chomsky</p>

Rothschild, Cheney, Murdoch’s Genie Energy oil in the Golan Heights – William Engdahl

The geopolitical stakes in the Middle East have just gotten higher by an order of magnitude. Take a little-known Newark, New Jersey oil company, the contested Golan Heights between Syria and Israel, add a reported major oil discovery there just as Russia’

FREEMASONRY SECRETS REVEALED Mystery of the Widow’s Son The Legend of the Craft

Hiram Abiff was busy working his Craft, when he suddenly found himself transported into the center of the Earth by Tubal-Cain, there to taste of the Tree of Knowledge. . .

Who was the original 'Widow's Son'? That all de

ILLUMINATI (Bilderberg Group) – NWO “Grand Design” (Google, Apple, Facebook,NSA…) BILDERBERG GROUP

It would never have been suspected, no one could have imagined. that, one mans wealth could grow over several centuries, into such proportions, that, they would be able to buy the government of the United States, out right.

Secrets of Rothschild Family Fortune +$500 Trillion (Documentary)

The Rothschild family is a family descending from Mayer Amschel Rothschild, a court Jew to the Landgraves of Hesse-Kassel, in the Free City of Frankfurt, who established his banking business in the 1760s.

Unlike most pr

The Rothschild Conspiracy Explained in 4 Minutes Video

How did the Rothschild family become the wealthiest family on Earth? What do North Korea, Iran and Cuba have in common? What objectives did 9/11 really try to achieve? This video attempts to find answers to those questions.


Hollywood Jewish Control [video]

Jew run most of the media, despite accounting for only 2% of the population.


This RABBI is telling the truth about ZIONIST (3 min video)


Let's discuss all about you.

But you must be HONEST.

Right now war is going on BUT you,jews are blaming as if Hamas is resp

Retired Special Agent In Charge and head of the Los Angeles FBI Ted Gunderson speak about illuminati [video]

Theodore L. Gunderson was an American Federal Bureau of Investigation Special Agent In Charge and head of the Los Angeles FBI.

Ted Gunderson was born in Colorado Springs. He graduated from the University of Nebra

Over 3 million views! AGE OF DECEIT: Fallen Angels and the New World Order [video]

Is there a connection between UFOs, alien abductions, channeling spirits, demonic possessions, the new age movement, secret societies, and satanism?

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