Rothschild and the other zionists want to get rid of the non zionist powerful ones. This is all Panama Leak is about. It might be even a revenge for sealing off the greek borders.

Panama Papers’ scandal; International Consortium of Investigative Journalists “unmasks” a group of powerful people who avoided taxes through an off-shore firm named “Mossack Fonseca” founded by an ex-nazi etc. But who are the powerful people and who are the supposedly independent journalists? The “independent” journalists are Rothschild zionists and the powerful people are not; or lately, have disobeyed too much for the zionists to forgive.

This International Consortium of investigative Journalists in reality is just a bunch of zionists’s globalist media outlets, a couple of names: BBC, The Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, L’Espresso etc. Le Monde. Do you want to know a couple of names of owners?

Carlo De Benedetti, needless to say it, zionist jew.

Louis Dreyfus, zionist etc.

Rothschild etc.

It’s getting tiring but you can check, it’s the same globalist zionist brigade turning green because of the EU-Turkey deal, against the supposed “human rights” of the clandestine immigrants and this smells like a vendetta against those powerful ones who don’t want the invasion. Look at the names involved:

Not Putin directly, but a couple of names related to him, Putin’s collaborators.

Cameron’s father; Cameron refused to take the Calais immigrants against the wishes of the no-borders.

Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, ex Ferrari’s President; if Carlo DeBenedetti started to use his disgusting dirt machine against him – his newspapers L’Espresso and Repubblica are notoriously a dirt machine everybody in Italy knows it- well if DeBenedetti targeted him like this, he must have done something good even if I don’t know it.

Gunnlaugson, Iceland’s prime Minister, the one who told everybody outside of the EU Iceland is better off than ever and claimed the economic recovery wouldn’t be possible if Iceland had been inside the EU or even worse inside the eurozone.

This is a sample of a list of men who, either are direct enemies of Rothschild, like Putin, or must have disobeyed to the no-borders end-of-nations’s – which is scary if you consider that in practice it becomes a muslim middle eastern invasion- supposed diktat.

Moreover it is noticeable the absence of zionists in the list of targeted people, moreover it is widely known that the same Rothschild bank washes the dirty money of the illegal trade of ISIS oil, in Tel Aviv.

This is 100% the zionists trying to get rid of non zionist powerful ones. And it happens soon after a bunch of europeans disobeyed them sending back the illegal immigrants to Turkey instead of pretending they had to obey to amnesty. Which thing absolutely no government has any duty to do, being amnesty just a private thing that cannot decide on our future, it’s enough when the government doesn’t ignore them altogether.

I suggest you strongly not to jump against the Panama men, because the no-borders, globalists are in forces against them and their reason is not morality.

This is the anonymous message that was received by the Suddeutsche Zeitung, the source doesn’t want to be named, and doesn’t want any meeting:

I don’t put myself against the “Panama people”. This is what the illuminati want for us, the glamourization of the human sacrifice and the end of our civilization per muslim invasion, before helping them destroy their enemies be 100% aware it’s technically impossible they are doing it for moral reasons, I’d never shoot with them.

If these journalists are so moral, why didn’t they leak anything about Rothschild washing ISIS’ oil trade money and financing ISIS itself? This is a revenge for sealing off the greek borders and we must stay with the ones who did it; hopefully they like the money, cars and girls but they are no satanists. I don’t trust the people who are doing this. I’m scared of the leftists and when they moralize indeed. And Mossack Fonseca sounds like a fake name that reminds the word Mossad.





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