Ten Atrocities That Would Not Exist Without (Jewish) Usury!

The world is indeed at the point now of total economic collapse, and I and others have long said that the major culprit responsible for this mess is criminal Jewish Usury that has caused nothing but grief and despair in most major nations…..It is a fact that throughout history, any nation that has adopted Jewish Usury as its financial system has collapsed, and what we are seeing today is nothing more than history repeating itself… Sadly, most governments have not studied their history and are helpless now as they watch the entire world go through this debacle, which is basically a train wreck happening in slow motion

I want to present the following pictorial article that comes from the website: Real Currencies, atwww.realcurrencies.wordpress.com, that is entitled: “Ten Atrocities That Would Not Exist Without Usury”.   It is very revealing, and a must see by everyone… I do have my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

Ten Atrocities that would not exist without Usury

30 million people starve per year, poor countries pay up to ten times more interest on their foreign debts than they receive in development aid.


Poverty amid plenty. Mainly a result of money scarcity through Usury.

We have relegated our children to indentured servitude. Without a second thought.


All the Usury ultimately ends up with people already owning Trillions. It feeds their avarice, burning away their souls.


They are poisoning our food because there are too many of us. We are buying it, because we need to cut cost to pay off the Usurer. Transnationals would not exist if the many had exist to interest-free capital.


More and more needs to be monetized to pay off ever higher cost for capital. We are rapaciously plundering Mother Nature, destroying our own habitat.


While we are working harder and harder to pay off the interest on our escalating debts (calling it ‘independence’ and ‘self-realization’), we are deserting those that need care, our elders and children.


The Usurer is behind the sexualization and degeneration of the Public Domain. He needs us to be distracted by our carnal nature so we won’t notice our demise.


Wars exist because they create debt and satisfy the demonic forces that have colonized our leaders, who have become power-crazy because of their Usurpation.


They are working towards a Global Government. A grandiose Despotism that will finally externalize the Usurer’s Hierarchy.

It is shocking to realize that criminal Jewish Usury is absolutely responsible for almost everything that ails this planet today.   It is also shocking that few people can actually use their heads and see this crime for themselves!

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