What is the one thing that Christians, Atheists, and Agnostics Scholars can agree on ? ZEITGEIST IS A FRAUD.

Zeitgeist movies were purposefully designed to attract inquisitive people by luring them with info regarding the “New World Order” … then pull a bait and switch without the viewer consciouslly noticing by promoting a Satanic Luciferian Belief System. Zeitgeist is a propaganda film desinged by the NWO. They promote Governments controlling everything and robots replacing people. They also promote a Communist Atheistic government … Does this sound like Liberty to you ?

Many people since 2007 have been fooled into believing the LIES of the ZEITGEIST films. Zeitgeist Part 1 which was centered around Religion, talked about how Jesus Christ Never Existed and how the Bible was all metaphors for other astrological and esoteric meanings….. Many people bought the Lie of ZEITGEIST and changed their views on Christianity. Zeitgeist wether viewed by a Christian, Atheist, Agnostic, Jew, Muslim, or Pagan… is full of outright lies. Almost nothing in ZEITGEIST part 1 is based on any fact. ALmost the entire series is based on 2 books written by promoters of the “New Age Movement”. This “movement” seeks to destroy Christianity and replace it with their Luciferian Belief System. (And yes Hinduism & Buddhism are Luciferian).




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